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The Coral Realty Team

Encountering any new environment for the first time is a process of discovery—and purchasing a home is no different.

It’s a sensory experience driven by perceptions and possibilities. It’s informed by price and a likely return on investment, sure, but the home-buying experience is truly about envisioning a time where we can see ourselves making memories and achieving our dreams in what could soon be our home.

At Coral Realty, we’re committed to bringing that exploration to life with a customized approach to home selling and buying. Our goal is to help home owners and investors achieve their lifestyle goals through purposeful property investments. That means providing a service experience that exceeds expectations at every turn. It means being more than realtors.

We’re your strategic advisor, not only recommending properties or suggesting sale prices that accurately reflect market realities, but highlighting opportunities to achieve your financial goals.


“The friend maker”

As a self-titled dog park socialite, Emily brings a warmth and openness to her approach that instantly puts her clients at ease. 

Drawing on a wealth of experience in luxury events and sales, where she oversaw her client’s most important life events, Emily has a unique blend of passion and compassion that instantly makes clients into friends!

Fun fact: Emily’s closing gift is more than just a bottle of champagne, she’ll also teach you how to “sabre” so you can wow all your guests.


“The Broker”

Pawel’s inquisitive approach and eye for value-laden opportunities is shaped by his economics background. As a champion of sustainability and responsible practices, he’s also the vision behind the Coral brand, leading our strategic initiatives and ensuring that we adhere to our carefully-curated core values.

Pawel holds a degree in Economics from York University. As a dedicated real estate investor and homeowner, he’s just as invested in the market as his clients. Having started his real estate career in 2012, he now also manages a portfolio of multiplex units in Durham, student rental housing in North Bay, and condominiums in Toronto. He is currently in the process of converting a single-family home into a legal duplex.


“The Creative”

With a background in marketing, specifically creating experiences and strategy, Chris focuses on the “why” behind what we do, ensuring Coral provides value both in our individual interactions and broader activities.

Chris holds a Bachelor of Commerce Co-op, with distinction, earning him the Easton Foundation Scholarship in Business Studies as the top graduate in his program. He has a keen eye for design and a sharp understanding of consumer behaviour which, combined with the analytical and industry knowledge of our team, allows him to develop effective marketing strategies and collateral that make every listing catch and keep buyers’ attention.


“The People Person”

Jenny developed her meticulous nature and strong appreciation for sweat equity while completing her Bachelors in Science. She started her real estate career working for a well-known Toronto developer in high-rise condo sales. The work experience she received has given her expansive knowledge of condos in all of its stages: construction, pre-sale, and post-sale.

Jenny’s ability to provide her clients with above and beyond service is never dependent on whether it’s a lease or a purchase, day or night, Monday or Saturday. She genuinely enjoys helping people. Being as approachable as she is, she often gets stopped in her neighbourhood for casual real estate advice.

We believe that we have a responsibility to nurture strong communities.

Helping people find the property of their dreams is one vital way that we contribute to that end goal. We care deeply about sustainability and building communities where people can thrive in diverse environments, where neighbours lend each other a hand and where life can be lived to its fullest.

In that sense, we don’t see buying or selling property as a transaction. 

It’s a process that defines you—and that’s why we take such great care to ensure that it’s the very best experience possible.

When you work with us you work with a team that cares deeply about your success and will help guide you through every step of the way.

We aren’t ones to brag…thankfully our clients will

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