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We deliver a high-touch home selling experience

Building strong, sustainable communities, while helping sellers achieve their lifestyle and financial goals, are Coral Realty core values. We do it by listening to sellers, understanding their needs and helping them find the right buyers for their home. 

We offer a full-service experience built on informed sales strategies, a passion for real estate and the dedication of our entire team.

Open communication
Count on our team to keep you up-to-date during every step of the home-selling process.

In-depth market analysis
We leverage relevant market and industry insights to build and guide your sales strategy. 

Honest advice
Our team has the experience and expertise to provide the reliable, actionable advice you need.

Effective strategy
We build dynamic listing plans designed to increase demand among target buyers. 

Effective sales strategies designed to grow your wealth.

The Selling Process

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The Greater Toronto Area real estate market is so complex and fast-paced that conditions can shift in a matter of days. That’s why understanding key data is so crucial. It informs everything from valuation to marketing strategies, while properly positioning your home for a maximum return on investment.


Understanding Your Goals

We want to know everything about your home and what makes it special. Our private, no obligation client discovery consultation is designed to understand your financial goals and real estate objectives. It includes a comprehensive market analysis specific to your home.


Valuing your Property

Our team will conduct a comprehensive property value assessment, driven by data on current market trends and relevant neighbourhood comparables, as we work with you to set an ideal target price for your property.


Building a strategy

Once we have a valuation set and have helped you understand local market conditions, our team will develop a strategy to market the property that accounts for everything from personal lifestyle considerations to preferred closing dates.

Free Home Evaluation

Find out what your property value is:

Get the most accurate estimate, powered by the same technology used by lenders.

Price History
See sale dates and prices from years past.

Comparable Sales
See what other homes are being sold for in your neighborhood.

Local Market Snapshot
Get the inside scoop on sale prices in your local area and neighbourhood.

Positioning for Success

Sophisticated Marketing

When it comes to selling your home, details matter. The Coral Realty team is dedicated to making your property shine with captivating photography, expert staging and professional marketing materials. That includes dynamic brochures, engaging emails and effective ads that position it to sell quickly for your asking price (or more).


A wide-ranging network

With tens of thousands of contacts across the Coral Realty network, we can maximize your home’s exposure for an efficient, stress-free sale.


Open and accessible

Because you’re working with a company rather than an individual, you’ll have access to a member of our team any time—including evenings and weekends.


Digital presence

Our dedicated in-house marketing department leverages widely-used platforms such as Realtor.ca, along with a range of online advertising tools, social media channels—Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and more—and effective search engine optimization tactics to drive results.

Value Added Services

Open Evenings and Weekends

With a 24/7 work ethic, we are able to maximize opportunities by accommodating buyer requests and showing your property evenings and weekends. There is no secret to success in selling real estate…make a property look great and then advertise it to as many qualified buyers as possible. We are really really good at accomplishing both and our results support our efforts.

Professional Home Staging

From simple decluttering and accessorizing to full on furniture replacement, light fixture staging and contracting work… we help our clients prepare their home to maximize return and set records. It’s easy to notice a Coral Realty property, they are the ones at the top of buyers showing list and the ones you can’t wait to show off to friends and family.

Professional Photography

I work with only the absolute best in professional real estate photography, and our photos are magazine quality. Cell phones are great for taking seflie’s, but not to market your biggest investment. Photos are critical to generating exposure for your property and greatly impact the effectives of our online ads.

Dynamic Video Tours

Most buyers today start their property search online, and it’s important that your home stands out from the rest. Our True Video tours allow buyers to connect with your property in a way photo’s simply cannot.

HD Aerial Drone Video and Photography

We love drones, and they are unequivocally the best way to capture your homes beauty, views and profile.

Professional Floor Plans

Accurate measurements and floor plans are a necessity when marketing to today’s sophisticated buyers. Your home will have onsite measurements and computerized floor plans.

Quality Listing Brochures

We believe that every piece of promotional material is a reflection of your property and deserves to be stunning. We also believe that stunning brochures, emails and ads are a direct reflection of our attention to quality and detail. Your home will receive magazine quality brochures containing photos, floor plans and detailed information about your home that buyers can take with them and review later. What’s more, we incorporate the latest technology to create a unique experience that connects your physical brochure to immersive digital collateral, which pair to make your property truly unforgettable in the minds of buyers. 

Social Media

“The art of meaningful connections.” We use our extensive social media presence to showcase coming soon, newly listed as well as behind the scenes footage to connect agents and buyers to our properties. Our process leads to exceptional results time after time. The stats speak for themselves.

Sophisticated Web Presence

We don’t simply rely on Realtor.ca when we sell properties. We are online advertising experts and we get your property in front of tens of thousands of qualified buyers using the latest advertising technologies. We offer first-class online marketing services ranging from highly sophisticated SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to eye-catching advertising providing high-quality photos, videos, floor plans and more. It’s a process that leads to incredible results.

Confidential Market Analysis

During our private consultation, you will be provided with a comprehensive market analysis specific to your home. You will have the opportunity to review the analysis in detail, and together we will create a pricing strategy that will maximize your results. Using our proven systems and processes, combined with our in-depth market knowledge, and latest marketing technologies, we will ensure your home is presented to attract the right buyers.

Secrets to selling your property

Download our Seller’s Guide. See exactly how we get more for our clients, and take care of everything throughout the selling process.

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