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President, Broker of Record

Pawel Parafianowicz

Pawel’s inquisitive approach and eye for value-laden opportunities is shaped by his economics background. Having started his real estate career in 2012, he now manages a portfolio of multiplex units in Durham, student rental housing in North Bay, and condos in Toronto. As a dedicated real estate investor and property owner, he’s just as invested in the market as
his clients and agents.

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Pawels Four Pillars For Prosperity


For me, everything begins and ends with family. Breakfasts on Sundays with my parents and spending time with my nephew are the few things I will never cancel for a showing.


I love adding value to properties and creating passive income streams, be it secondary suites, laneway developments, and beyond. 

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Tacos, Always Tacos

I switched to veganism years ago for ethical/ animal rights reasons. In the beginning, it was tough adjusting but then I found vegan tacos and have never looked back. You can find me making this tacos recipe at least a couple of times per week.

Halle, Our Chief Happiness Officer

I got Halle in,…….

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There is one major
driver that gets me
up in the morning

More than my almond milk latte and letting Halle out, what gets me out of bed is being able to make a positive impact on our team and clients. It sounds cliche but it’s honest, I love being able to help solve problems, elevate those around me and make peoples lives a little bit better whenever I can. As I said, it sounds cliche, but whether it’s a client with questions at 8 am on a Saturday or an agent who’s stuck on a clause at 11:45 pm on a Wednesday, I will happily pick up the phone.

Thank you, Pawel

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Solutions Based | Community Focused | Client Thrillers | Records Setters

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