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Less than 25% of women are comfortable with their knowledge of investing and only 29% of women see themselves as investors.

Research by Fidelity found that the Investment Gap can lead women to lose out on over $1 million dollars over a lifetime compared to men.

In Canada 61% of first-time and repeat homebuyers are women, meaning we are already more successful at acquiring real estate than our male counterparts. Now let’s put that to use!

We want to change the statistics on women in  real estate investing.

In a form of institutionalized sexism, men are exposed to the concepts of investing from a young age through role models, movies, television etc. They are taught the lingo, given tips & encouraged to start as soon as they can.

It’s no wonder when women begin to look into investing as young adults we can feel overwhelmed, out of place and even ridiculed for asking questions or not knowing things our male counterparts treat as “common knowledge”.

But here’s the thing, despite being overlooked, women tend to be better investors due to our ability to be more patient and take less uncalculated risks. 

So what’s going on here? Why do so many of us feel intimidated by becoming financial badasses? Why does investing in real estate feel somewhat unattainable? Simple, too many of us are missing a little guidance and confidence.

That ends right here, right now!

We’re bringing equity to building equity by providing education, exposure and role models so you can know exactly what real estate investing options are right for you, what steps you need to take to reach your financial goals and discover the badass women who have built their own chairs and claimed their spot at the table.

When you build wealth like a woman, you’ve got the upper hand.


Jenny Bui & Emily Kallay are creators behind this program: Wealth Like a Woman.

Jenny Bui is a poodle-loving mom to a toddler. She started her real estate career in pre-construction condo sales and now helps her clients buy their first homes and investments. She takes joy in educating others on financial literacy and helping them build wealth.

Emily Kallay is a Toronto realtor & self professed dog park socialite. She started investing in real estate when she and her fiance bought a loft for under market value and began their fix & flip journey. Emily has a wealth of knowledge on the Toronto real estate market and a unique blend of dedication & compassion that instantly makes clients into friends!

Emily & Jenny are passionate about changing the statistics on women in investing by sharing their knowledge and experiences in an open and safe space.

About Us

There are plenty of "gurus" offering real estate empires for the low price of their $1,000 course...

This isn't that. The only investment you have to make is in yourself. Everything, the complete video education series and all the tools, resources and future events are NEVER EVER going to cost a penny, pinky promise! We want to arm women with the knowledge and confidence to pursue real estate investing, whether that's with us or not.

Before diving into the nitty-gritty, we cover the fundamentals of real estate investing (aka the information we should have been taught). This video is a summary of the key topics covered in the Investors Reference Guide. 

What you’ll learn:

  1. Benefits of investing in real estate – Appreciation, cash flow, leverage, principle pay-down, adding equity, tax etc.
  2. Types of properties to invest in and the similarities/ differences of each
    • Condo -> Maintenance fees, corporation, status etc. 
    • Freehold -> Detached, Semi-detached, Townhouse 
    • Multi-plex [Duplex,Triplex, Quads]
    • Small Apartment Buildings [Above 4 Units]
  3. Real estate financing – Types of mortgages, their function, approval process and terminology
  4. Three professionals you will need to support your investment journey + others that can save you time and money
  5. How to determine which investment strategy is best for you – Lifestyle, income, time commitment, skill etc.

Once you learn why and what types of properties you can invest in, you’ll learn about how to analyze the real estate market and individual properties so you can identify sound investment opportunities.

What you’ll learn:

  1. Where to find real estate market information
  2. Essential real estate numbers and terms 
    1. Days on Market
    2. Months of inventory
    3. Average price
    4. HPI
    5. # of active listings
    6. # of sales
    7. Cashflow
    8. CAGR
    9. Cap rate
    10. Net income vs Gross income
  3. Get familiar with the economic of real estate – Interest rates, inflation/deflation, unemployment, immigration, etc.
  4. Analyzing a market (Using Toronto as an example)

Not everyones investment journey can start with purchasing a property directly, we get that! In this section you’ll learn about a couple of “starter” strategies that dramatically decrease the barriers to entry for real estate investing and can allow you to take your first steps sooner

What you’ll learn:

  1. REIT’s – What they are, how they work and where to find one to invest in
  2. Rent-to-own – How it works, why it can be a great option and which services/providers are available in Ontario

In this section you’ll learn everything you need to know about one of the most popular real estate investing strategies available – Pre-construction. Pre-construction (pre-con) investing involves purchasing a property that does not yet exist and as a result offers some unique benefits.

What you’ll learn:

  1. What is pre-con – What “owning” pre-con means, how it works and the different stages involved
  2. Advantages of pre-construction investing
  3. Unique considerations for pre-construction investing
  4. How to finances a pre-construction investment
  5. How to choose pre-construction units for cashflow vs appreciation
  6. The difference between buying as an end user vs investor
  7. The hidden costs of Pre-construction investments
  8. Analyzing Pre-construction investments (using GTA Pre-con examples)

By-far the most common real estate investment strategy, although typically not used proactively, the buy and hold strategy involves purchasing a property and not selling it for a long period of time until the value of the property has increased. In this section you’ll learn how to proactively buy and hold property to build wealth.

What you’ll learn:

  1. What is buy and hold? – How proactively buying a property is different
  2. Advantages of buy and hold investing
  3. Unique considerations for buy and hold investing
  4. How to finance a buy and hold investment
  5. How to choose a buy and hold investment for personal vs rental use
  6. The impact of Capital gains taxes on appreciation & income
  7. Analyzing buy and hold investments (using GTA examples)

The star of almost every popular HGTV tv show, the fix and flip strategy comes in many shapes and sizes but all involve purchasing a property, doing some form of renovation/refurbishing and then immediately selling. In this section you’ll learn the nuts and bolts behind this binge-worthy investment strategy.

What you’ll learn:

  1. What is fix and flip? – The technicalities and what is required to commit to the flip
  2. Advantages of fix and flip investing
  3. Unique considerations for fix and flip investing
  4. How to finance a fix and flip investment
  5. How to structure your purchase correctly from the beginning/ What you need prepared ahead of time
  6. The ins and outs of the rehab process – What renos works/ where to spend your money
  7. Selling your fix and flip
  8. The impact of capital gains taxes on fix and flip investments
  9. Analyzing fix and flip investments (using GTA examples)

Brrrr it’s cold at the top for what is considered the best investment strategy for building wealth. The Buy, Renovate, Rent, Refinance is a complex investment strategy, that involves getting a number of things right, but when you do, it offers unmatched wealth building opportunities and scalability.

What you’ll learn:

  1. What is BRRRR – How the process works from Buy to Repeat
  2. Advantages of brrrr investing – Why it’s the top strategy
  3. Unique considerations for brrrr – Short-term loans, Appraisal Risks, importance of timelines etc.
  4. How to finance and refinance a brrrr investment
  5. How to structure your purchase correctly from the beginning/ the role of repeat in decision making
  6. What makes renovating to create additional equity different and how to do it
  7. How to rent your property correctly – Total monthly rents impact on refinancing and balance vacancy
  8. Roadblocks to repeating and how you can minimize them
  9. Analyzing brrrr investments (using GTA examples)

There are concepts and information that are relevant to multiple investment strategies. In this section we will go through various technical topics and the specifics for each relevant investment type.

What you’ll learn:

  1. Joint Ventures
  2. Holding Companies
  3. Duplex vs accessory units
  4. Fire-code
  5. Minimum parking requirements, street parking and parking pads
  6. Organization and accounting best practices

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This group is an inclusive safe space to empower women+, people who identify as women+, nonbinary people, or people who simply resonate with our message and feel that we can provide them with the confidence and knowledge to invest in real estate. 

Real Estate Investing .


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